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Hi there! I’m an it-consultant by day, aspiring musicologist by night, amateur photographer when I can find time, and this is my photo blog. I live in Norway, I’m married, have three kids and a dog. And I’ve gone from Nikon to Fuji over the last 11 months.

I bought a used X-pro1 with a cheap kit zoom, XC 16-50, at first, just to test it. I fell in love with photography all over again. Since then I’ve gradually built my Fuji collection, and it now consists of:


XC 16-50mm 3.5-5.6
35mm 1.4

18-55mm 2.8-4
18mm 2
27mm 2.8
55-200mm 3.5-4.8
60mm 2.4 macro
10-24mm 4

I will post photos, sometimes with a story attached, sometimes with just a few data about the picture.

Oh, I also have a few compacts (Nikon) and there could be a few pictures from them as well, but they will be clearly marked to avoid confusion. 😉

I like to photograph anything, people, landscapes, concerts, macro, cityscapes, street, I’m a happy amateur and have been taking pictures for almost 40 years.

– Hallgeir


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